Managing your boss

From the journal of “Harvard Review of Business”, “Managing your boss” tells us some direct and useful method that you can apply it to the relationship with your boss. The article is relatively long but not tedious, you can read it at a fast speed due to the simple words. Very concise and easy understanding, but it does not affect its practical and meaningful.

First, you need to know your boss and yourself, particularly about the working style. The effective working model should be based on knowing each other thoroughly.

Second, following some tips, you can implement to improve the office-friendly environment. Like a compatible working method, realizing the fallible and limitation of your boss, and do not being the counterdependence or overdependence. Of course, try to be a reliable and honest person to your boss, otherwise, he or she is very hard to delegate.

If you want to know more about the article, read it on your own. I believe it is really worthwhile.


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